Naturally, you want to get the best possible value and performance from your vehicle, that’s why regular maintenance is essential.  Not only does it help your vehicle run better and last longer, it also enhances your resale and trade-in value.

At Nolan's Car Service Centre we work on all makes and models of cars and we typically perform 3 types of service:

Other Work

Timing Belts

Timing belts are changed according to manufacturer's specifications, relative to mileage or age. Timing belts are also checked for abnormal noises during servicing at Nolan’s Car Service Centre. Failure to change the timing belt at the correct interval, or if abnormal noises are detected, may result in engine failure.


Clutches are replaced for 4 main reasons.

  1. Normal wear and tear where the clutch is worn out and slipping.
  2. Hard to select gears.
  3. Noisy release bearings i.e. noises when you are applying the clutch
  4. Juttering i.e. normally caused when oil leaks onto the lining of the clutch.


The job of the car suspension is to maximise the friction between the tyres and the road surface. 

  • to provide steering stability with good handling.
  • to ensure comfort of the passengers.

On servicing of the vehicle we will report any repairs required to the shocks or suspension on your car and replace parts as requested.

Steering & Tracking

Worn steering parts will cause abnormal tyre wear and will effect the drivability of the car. We will change any steering components required to ensure your safety and re-align the steering to stop abnormal tyre wear.

Tyre & Exhausts

On inspection when servicing your vehicle, we will report to you whether you require new tyres or exhaust. We will do a price check for you to see whether or not we can provide the service for you or recommend an alternative option.


Fuel economy is always a worry to motorists. We at Nolan’s Car Service Centre have equipment for checking your emissions to ensure that your vehicle is running as economically as possible.

Car Diagnostics

All modern cars have several on board computers i.e. engine management, ABS + air bags. When a fault occurs in any of these systems, a warning light will either flash or will stay illuminated on the dash board. We have advanced diagnostic equipment which will assist us to rectify the faults on your car.

Valeting on Request

On advanced notice, we can organise to have your car valeted on the day we are servicing your car.

Pre-purchase Checks

This is a service that we provide for all our customers free of charge. we recommend that if you see a car for sale that you like and want to buy, tell the seller to bring the car to Nolan’s Car Service Centre where we will check the car out thoroughly for you - before the sale is agreed.

Car Lifts


Types of parts fitted are genuine or top quality/O.E.
All parts are fully guaranteed.

Contact us now for more information or to book your car in for a service.


We have been using Paul to service our cars for almost 10 years now. Having had some bad experiences with other garages Paul was a really great discovery; an honest and competent mechanic is very difficult to find. Paul always completes all work on time, and always impresses me with his ability to diagnose problems quickly.

Being an enthusiast, I have had a few specialist cars over the years that I would not let anyone else near with a wrench, but Paul always keeps them running perfectly and commands a great respect amongst a number of specialist owners clubs. I would recommend Paul for any job on any car from a routine service to an engine rebuild! Paul deserves great success and is a absolute gentleman to deal with.

Adrian Graham ,